Clint Frederick Wiater


Clint Frederic Wiater is a recent San Francisco Bay Area transplant from Green Bay, Wisconsin. His artistic journey began in his mid-30s while studying for his bachelor degree in psychology at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. 

“I was inspired to explore my creative side on summer break and bought a set of paints and canvases. I instantly became obsessed. The next semester, after not having had an art class for 20 years, I added a minor in art.” 

His work often abstracts from his own life and ideas about the spectrum of humanity and is uniquely able to connect inside the viewer who has experienced the same emotions or situation he is exploring.  

“I want my pieces to be like clever lyrics in a song, a phrase you would have never thought of, but one you can sing along with because you recognize the melody.” 

The Works of Clint Frederic Wiater presents a compendium of humanistic themes and psycho-sociological ideas. 

The collection includes a number of pieces that have been shown previously in Green Bay and Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in San Francisco, CA along with a  number of new pieces that have never been displayed before. 

The majority of pieces shown are encaustic drawings using beeswax, creating rich and luxurious surfaces, allowing layers to embellish or diminish  dimensionality and bring life to the drawing.  Other pieces are done in the artist’s unique style using a complementary combination of dry mixed media and drawing tools. In many pieces, found collage elements, transfers of original photographs, and ideas of order and chaos are thoughtfully composed to create a surrealist style with contemporary flair. 



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